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 ダレスが、当時のラジオ演説でアメリカが東南アジアに関与すべき理由の一つとして「日本製品のための輸出市場確保」を挙げていたことはいまやほとんど忘れ去られている。(注3) ・・・
 だが、日本の主な輸出先となったのは、東南アジアではなく、アメリカの市場だった。ダレスの読みははずれ、すでに1950年代に日本経済は繊維製品の対米輸出自主規制さえ行っている。・・・ 」






 North Korea not a nuclear threat to U.S. yet, scientist says・・・
 North Korea needed a third test to demonstrate that it can miniaturize a nuclear device; that is, make it sufficiently small and light to mount on one of its missiles. This test may have given them the confidence to do so for one of their shorter-range missiles.・・・


 ・・・In 1961, Lt. Col. George Eblen was chatting with Col. Nguyen Van Mau, his Vietnamese liaison. Mau asked why the Americans were in Vietnam. Eblen replied that the United States wanted to help the Vietnamese defeat communism and to show them how democracy would bring economic prosperity. Mau paused, then remarked, “Yes, I understand what you are saying, but why are you really here?” Eblen repeated, “We are here to help you.” Mau interjected, “No, be honest, why are you really here?”
 The gulf could not be breached. Mau’s frame of reference was French imperialism; he could understand an exploitative mentality but not one that claimed to be altruistic. He felt more comfortable with the French, whose mission was more transparent. Since he could not accept that the Americans merely wanted to help, he concluded that they must be even more devious than the French.・・・


 ・・・Kant, who once claimed that the Jews had no right to an independent existence, decreeing that pure morality sought “the euthanasia of Judaism”.・・・
 Martin Heidegger, the renowned philosopher of phenomenology, is a powerful portrait of collaboration, and corruption of the best. He endorsed the sacking of his erstwhile mentor Edmund Husserl after the dismissal of Jews from the civil service and academia in 1933. Heidegger even removed his dedication to Husserl from subsequent editions of his magnum opus Being and Time. He lectured in a Nazi uniform. As late as 1942 he was still praising National Socialism and “its unique historical status”. He defended Hitler’s regime and war aims well into 1944.・・・


 ・・・Churchill, who had been in charge of the British Navy in the early part of World War I and later minister of munitions, was thoroughly skeptical of military ways.・・・
 Churchill, always an enthusiast for scientific ideas, pressed the government to bring in scientific advisers on military affairs as early as 1934. So it was that chemist Henry Tizard, biologist A.V. Hill and physicist Patrick Blackett entered the British defense establishment. Hundreds more scientists came after, much to the discomfort of many hidebound officers. ・・・
 ・・・the scientists' greatest contribution to the war effort was forcing the military to make decisions based on data instead of prejudice.・・・
 <A scientist> showed mathematically why an escort ship following the Navy's instructions was unlikely ever to hit a U-boat. He recommended that the defenders ignore any U-boat that had been beneath the waves for more than 15 seconds. But U-boats that had just dived were to be attacked immediately with closely spaced depth charges set to explode at only 25 feet. The kill rate rose by a factor of 10.・・・
 U-boats were spotting the planes and diving before being seen. With that answer in hand, <A scientist> began searching for explanations. "What color are Coastal aircraft?" an air force officer asked him. They were black: the planes had been shifted from night bomber duty to ocean patrol. Painting the undersides of the wings reflective white made the planes harder to see, and the rate of U-boat sightings doubled.・・・


 ・・・Horsemeat is enjoyed across the world in Japan, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and China. ・・・
 But in certain parts of the world, like the United States and United Kingdom, eating the meat of the gentle giants just seems wrong.・・・
 Napoleon A. Chagnon の 'Noble Savages' の書評だ。
 ・・・Mr. Chagnon・・・show<ed> that Yanomamo violence had a reproductive payoff. On the whole, he wrote・・・, village men who had killed other people had roughly three times as many offspring as non-killers.・・・
 After all, genetic studies suggest that about 10% of the men living in the old Mongol Empire are descended from Genghis Khan, one of history's great killers. Why wouldn't this kind of thing be replicated on a smaller scale?・・・
 He argued that Yanomamo men fought over women and that this male conflict was not only the fundamental cause of war in simple societies but "the most important single force in shaping the evolution of political society in our species." Conflicts over reproduction are fundamental in other mammals, he noted. There is no reason to see Homo sapiens as an exception. ・・・




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