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 ・・・The United States has all the makings of a pronounced spike in income and wealth inequality. ・・・





 ・・・the decision to remain hidden from public view since the accident may have been his biggest public relations mistake ? and, perhaps most humiliatingly for such a proud man, it has become a running joke.・・・
 ・・・I think conscious, honest, true monogamy can be a wonderful thing. What should not be tolerated is hypocrisy?and that's where Tiger’s vow of marriage got him into trouble. If you want to be monogamous, great?but don't think you can claim it while you sleep around. It's not fair and, quite frankly, it's exhausting.・・・


 ・・・ if the speech wasn't designed to pander to an international audience, and it wasn't constructed to help him politically at home, then what was it for? Well, here's why I like the guy.
 Maybe it was designed to … be truthful about the world as he sees it, and to be honest with the world and with posterity about the complexities we face. ・・・ 
 ・・・at the very least, here we have a leader who is thoughtful and intellectually honest and won't insult your intelligence. That already constitutes a success of some kind.


 ・・・ it is hard to conceive of a cause more just than the defeat of the Third Reich and the Axis powers, <in> World War II ・・・
 A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler's armies. Negotiations cannot convince al-Qaida's leaders to lay down their arms.・・・

 The United States of America has helped underwrite global security for more than six decades with the blood of our citizens and the strength of our arms. The service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform has promoted peace and prosperity from Germany to Korea, and enabled democracy to take hold in places like the Balkans.・・・

 America's commitment to global security will never waver. But in a world in which threats are more diffuse, and missions more complex, America cannot act alone.・・・
 The belief that peace is desirable is rarely enough to achieve it. Peace requires responsibility. Peace entails sacrifice. ・・・
 ・・・it is also incumbent upon all of us to insist that nations like Iran and North Korea do not game the system. Those who claim to respect international law cannot avert their eyes when those laws are flouted. Those who care for their own security cannot ignore the danger of an arms race in the Middle East or East Asia. Those who seek peace cannot stand idly by as nations arm themselves for nuclear war.・・・

 Where force is necessary, we have a moral and strategic interest in binding ourselves to certain rules of conduct. And even as we confront a vicious adversary that abides by no rules, I believe that the United States of America must remain a standard bearer in the conduct of war. ・・・

 In light of the Cultural Revolution's horrors, Nixon's meeting with Mao appeared inexcusable and yet it surely helped set China on a path where millions of its citizens have been lifted from poverty, and connected to open societies. Pope John Paul's engagement with Poland created space not just for the Catholic Church, but for labor leaders like Lech Walesa. Ronald Reagan's efforts on arms control and embrace of perestroika not only improved relations with the Soviet Union, but empowered dissidents throughout Eastern Europe.

 ・・・no Holy War can ever be a just war. For if you truly believe that you are carrying out divine will, then there is no need for restraint・・・



 ・・・The Ampatuans’ control of Maguindanao is almost absolute. Most of the province’s 36 towns are run by mayors and deputy mayors who are either sons, grandsons, cousins, nephews, in-laws or close allies of the senior Mr. Ampatuan, according to a study by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.
Since he became governor in 1998, Mr. Ampatuan has carved out at least eight towns from existing ones and named all of them after his sons and other relatives. The entire Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, which is composed of five predominantly Muslim provinces, including Maguindanao, is run by Governor Zaldy Ampatuan, one of his sons.
 The Ampatuans’ control of Maguindanao was enforced with guns and a culture of fear in towns governed by the family, residents and the authorities said.
 ・・・The Ampatuan family dynasty has backed President Arroyo since 2001, and its rise to power is likewise attributed to Mrs. Arroyo’s support・・・


 Work has begun on Egypt's northern border to dig the foundations for what reports say will be a vast underground metal wall in the latest effort to prevent weapons smuggling into the Gaza Strip.・・・



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