民主党:執行部、「政倫審招致」13日決定目指す 公明との連携、小沢氏側に圧力










 <今回、海保が中共の漁船に強くあたったのも、その裏に宗主国米国からの陰に陽にの圧力があった可能性は排除できない/ そこへ、飛んで火に入る夏の虫じゃないけど、中共の方からちょっかいを出してきた。/ そこで、米国に言われた通りに海保が動いたら、中共が異常なほどいきり立った。/ で、今度は米国が事態を収めにかかり、外務省を通じて検察を動かした/ 要するに今回の件、日本の属国政府が、宗主国のマッチポンプに振り回されて踊らされただけって可能性が大>。(注・・・)





 「縄文農耕がついに証明されるかもしれない――。そんな期待を抱かせた上里遺跡(京都市西京区)の出土品の分析結果がこのほどまとまった。縄文時代の集落跡から植物の種や実が多数出土し、注目を集めていたが、結果はそこまで届かなかった。 ・・・」


 Philippine newspapers yesterday attacked the government of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, accusing it of kowtowing to China by staying away from the Nobel peace prize ceremony.・・・


 After World War II, American counterintelligence recruited former Gestapo officers, SS veterans and Nazi collaborators to an even greater extent than had been previously disclosed and helped many of them avoid prosecution or looked the other way when they escaped・・・
 In chilling detail, the report also elaborates on the close working relationship between Nazi leaders and the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who later claimed that he sought refuge in wartime Germany only to avoid arrest by the British.
 In fact, the report says, the Muslim leader was paid “an absolute fortune” of 50,000 marks a month (when a German field marshal was making 25,000 marks a year). It also said he energetically recruited Muslims for the SS, the Nazi Party’s elite military command, and was promised that he would be installed as the leader of Palestine after German troops drove out the British and exterminated more than 350,000 Jews there.
 On Nov. 28, 1941, the authors say, Hitler told Mr. Husseini that the Afrika Corps and German troops deployed from the Caucasus region would liberate Arabs in the Middle East and that “Germany’s only objective there would be the destruction of the Jews.”
 The report details how Mr. Husseini himself was allowed to flee after the war to Syria — he was in the custody of the French, who did not want to alienate Middle East regimes — and how high-ranking Nazis escaped from Germany to become advisers to anti-Israeli Arab leaders and “were able to carry on and transmit to others Nazi racial-ideological anti-Semitism.”・・・

 ・・・ It's not just that your expenses go up when you have a kid. It's likely that your income goes down as well. ・・・
 ・・・women and to a lesser extent even men who have kids end up making less than their childless peers. And the difference can be large, as much as 40% less.・・・
 It has been long assumed that much of that wage gap comes from women without college degrees or who have little job experience trying to restart their careers. Women with advance degrees and a high-skills, it was always assumed, would quickly make up the gap. That appears not to be the case. Worse, even women who don't take off time might see a drop in their earnings after having a child.・・・
 ・・・it is the women with high-skills that tend to have the hardest time maintaining their wages after child-birth.・・・
 Either in perception or reality, there is judgment in the workforce that people with children lack the ability to work that "extra hour" when needed. ・・・


 ・・・the brains were predicting what would happen next and having to work harder when their predictions failed. They were "remembering the future."・・・
 this mental time travel becomes possible for human beings around the age of five. As adults, we inhabit longer futures than children, and longer pasts, too.・・・
 ・・・the same parts of the mind hold both our episodic memories and our imagined futures. That is to say, if asked to imagine some specific future event, people activate the very same regions of the brain as they do when asked to recall some particular past event.・・・


 ・・・The OED lists about 500,000 words. A further half million technical and scientific terms remain uncatalogued. By contrast, German scores a vocabulary of 185,000 words, and French fewer than 100,000, including such Franglais as le snacque barre and le hit parade.・・・
 About 350 million people worldwide speak English as a mother tongue. ・・・the number learning English will hit 2 billion in the next 10-15 years. That's a third of mankind. ・・・