英国での"interception modernisation programme"の法制化は来週のthe Queen's speechには含まれないようです。








 ・・・The Czechs were the first of the former Soviet bloc countries to hold the EU presidency, this year, and they exploited their agenda-setting prerogatives to try to balance the history books.
 In April in the European parliament, the Czechs pushed through a resolution equating the crimes of communism with those of fascism, calling for 23 August, the date in 1939 of the Hitler-Stalin pact dividing chunks of eastern Europe between them, to be made the "Europe-wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes".
 In July in Lithuania, MPs from OSCE countries drove through a similar resolution equating Hitler and Stalin.
 The father of both documents was last year's Prague Declaration pushed by Václav Havel, the former Czech president and human rights champion, which proclaimed that "Europe will not be united unless it is able to reunite its history, recognise communism and Nazism as a common legacy. Different valuations of the communist past may still split Europe into west and east … There are substantial similarities between Nazism and communism in terms of horrific and appalling character."・・・
 Stanislaw Krajewski, a Warsaw mathematics professor and a Jewish community leader, is more nuanced. "Can you have moral equivalence between Hitler and Stalin? The German occupiers came here and wanted to kill Jews. The Soviets came and wanted to build a better society. But they used terror. Their aim was not to kill. That's the main difference. But the outcome was not much different. So to say that Stalin was as bad as Hitler is not a problem."・・・
 But Snyder, who is also writing a book on wartime eastern Europe "between Hitler and Stalin", pointed out that "many more people died under the hammer and sickle than the swastika."・・・


 China proves to be an aggressive foe in cyberspace・・・
 Experts point to the late 1990s as the start of this undeclared war.・・・
 "Not a week doesn't go by when there's not a Chinese attack on our government,"・・・
 Another problem is China's ability to leave behind malicious sleeper code that can one day be activated to alter or destroy information. In April, then-National Counterintelligence Executive Joel F. Brenner reported that the Chinese had penetrated "certain of our electricity grids" with malicious code and that "our networks are being mapped"
 One challenge in countering the threat, experts say, is that the Chinese often contract out such work to experts in industry and academia and possibly even to freelance hackers, allowing officials to argue that while an attack might have originated from an Internet service provider in China, no one could prove it came from the government. ・・・
  U.S. cyber policy experts such as James A. Lewis, a senior fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies・・・said, "I'm not going to get upset about China spying on us, because we spy on them."
 "The only thing I'm going to get upset about," he said, "is if we don't do better than them."


 ・・・ During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, Obama endorsed the Bush administration's decision to sell $6.5 billion in arms to Taiwan. But Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain called for a more robust weapons package -- a position embraced by arms merchants and many of Taipei's friends in Washington. And they are now calling on the U.S. to sell 66 upgraded F-16 warplanes to Taiwan for up to $4.9 billion. The Obama administration has yet to decide whether it will approve the contentious sale.・・・
 the U.S. should agree not to sell advanced fighters to Taiwan in exchange for the removal of the 1,500 ballistic missiles that China has deployed directly opposite Taiwan. ・・・



 ・・・there are 300 al-Qaeda members in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where the group is based, compared with tens of thousands of Taliban insurgents on either side of the border. ・・・
 Omar's faction seems to have distanced itself from al-Qaeda in recent months. ・・・
 The Taliban, composed primarily of ethnic Pashtuns from Afghanistan and Pakistan, has offered haven to the Arab-led al-Qaeda in exchange for money, weapons and training.・・・
 Although that may be true of Omar's faction, observers here say that other segments of the Taliban have become more closely entwined with al-Qaeda than ever.  The Haqqani-led faction, which is blamed for many of the deadliest attacks on U.S. troops in eastern Afghanistan, works so closely with al-Qaeda that distinctions between the groups may be irrelevant, officials said. ・・・


 ・・・The U.S. ambassador in Kabul sent two classified cables to Washington in the last week expressing deep concerns about sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan until Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government demonstrates that it is willing to tackle the corruption and mismanagement that has fueled the Taliban's rise, ・・・
 Eikenberry retired from the military in April 2009 as a senior general in NATO and was sworn in as ambassador the next day. His position as a former commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan is likely to give added weight to his concerns.・・・

 ・・・Mr. Hatoyama and his wife, Miyuki, were the last to arrive at a leaders’ dinner at the Phipps Conservatory on the margins of the Group of 20 economic summit meeting in Pittsburgh ・・・in September. Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, had been greeting arriving guests for almost two hours. “I’m sorry we were late,” Mrs. Hatoyama apologized. ・・・